It is always a scary prospect to think about recording in a new country. The reputations of orchestras and studios in Los Angeles and London are very well known and well proven. The problem has become that they are also very expensive. Only the films and recording projects with the largest budgets can afford to pay for recordings in Los Angeles and London. So, many people start looking for alternatives. They may have heard of recording in Prague, but hesitated due to the fact that Prague would be new for them. However, Prague is not a new location to record. Hundreds of films and albums have recorded in Prague since 1989. Just last year projects for Sony Pictures, Sony Classical, Warner Brothers, Disney, and Universal all chose to record with the Czech Film Orchestra.

Prague has become the #1 place to record outside of Los Angeles and London. This is mainly due to the artistry of the Czech musicians. With a deep musical heritage going back long before Mozart (who loved the musicians in Prague), the musicians here continue the highest musical standards.

QUALITY OF MUSICIANS? - Leonard Bernstein, Zubin Meta, Riccardo Muti, all can't be wrong. They all found that the musicians in Prague are wonderful, and so will you. The Czech Film Orchestra as a booking agency hires only the principal players from the top orchestras in Prague. You will get the "best of the best".

As opposed to other recording companies in Prague, the Czech Film Orchestra, consistently hires better orchestras, and has better equipment than any other recording projects in the Czech Republic.

MONEY RISK? - We have a long list of clients who have happily used us. Also, we can work out an escrow account for large projects if needed. We have offices in Los Angeles and Prague to make payment easy. We handle all of the contracts and payments in the Czech Republic.

LANGUAGE? - All of the staff, and most of the musicians speak English. However, we can also provide a musically trained translator or even a bilingual conductor. Basically, language is NOT a problem.

TRAVEL TO PRAGUE TO RECORD? - We have several great contacts who can help you with all of your travel needs to the Czech Republic, just send us an email if you need help. We know that it is an additional cost and can be tiring to travel to the Czech Republic to record, but when you consider the amount of money saved on the entire project, it starts to be completly worth it.

....And if you are thinking it might be too far to travel to record music, just remember, Prague has one of the top tourist destinations in Europe!! Plus you are spending about 1/5 of what it would cost you in the USA or London. Depending on the size of your project, you are saving TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars.

EQUIPMENT AND STUDIOS: Go to The Studios for full information about the technical side of recording in Prague.


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