Our recent recordings include projects and film scores for the following studios and recording companies: Disney, MGM, FOX, Warner Brothers, Universal, BBC, SONY Pictures, and Sony Classical. Plus several Bolly-wood/Indian films and other individual pop/opera albums. Composers have included, Craig Armstrong, Rolfe Kent, Patrick Doyle, Michael Kamen, A.R. Rahman, Mike Tavera, Steve Wood, Emanuele Ruffinengo, Christian Henson and others...


Patrick Doyle's upcoming film, recording with us in the new CNSO studio.

This is our now Platinum album recorded in summer of 2004 with Katherine Jenkins...

Below are some of our recent recording sessions.

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-Sony Pictures, "Warriors of Heaven and Earth"-

WARRIORS OF HEAVEN AND EARTH- (A.R. Rahman-Composer and Garath Wigan-Sony Pictures V.P., the recording of "Warriors of Heaven and Earth")
(Recording of "Warriors of Heaven and Earth" for Sony Classical and Sony Pictures, in the Rudolfinum, June 2003.)
(Richard King - Engineer, Sony Classical, and A.R. Rahman -composer, in the Rudolfinum control room during "Warriors of Heaven and Earth".)
(more "Warriors" recording at Rudolfinum)
(Brass section - made up of principals of Czech Philharmonic and other top orchestras of Prague.)


-Warner Brothers, Chasing Liberty-

CHASING LIBERTY SESSIONS - (from left to right, David Parfitt - Producer, Maggie Rodford - Music Supervisor, Christian Henson - Composer, James Bellamy - Music Editor)
(in centre, Andy Cadiff - director, Chasing Liberty)
(Orchestra "B" - for Chasing Liberty)


-Universal Home Entertainment, The Land Before Time -X- -

(In addition to the orchestra, we hired a 30 member female choir for 'The Land Before Time X')
(another choir picture)
('Land Before Time X')
(A bird's eye view at the woodwind section)
(Part of the brass section decides to celebrate at the sucessful end of the 'Land Before Time - X' sessions)



- Universal Home Entertainment, Charlotte's Web 2 -


-In addition we recorded the orchestra suites for the composer, Rolfe Kent for Legally Blonde 2 - MGM, and Freaky Friday, Disney-


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