What about the engineers?
We have a choice of several internationally known engineers with years of experience who specialize in orchestral recordings. They know the studios and they know the musicians. Also, you can bring your own engineer to head the project if you wish.

Can I conduct my sessions?
Yes!! We would welcome you or anyone you delegate to conduct the sessions. Most of the musicians speak English, and we provide a translator. If you decide not to conduct, we can also provide an excellent bilingual conductor.

What if I am recording, and find I need more sessions, more musicians, etc..?
No problem, we are able to add additional musicians as you need them. Depending on the availability of studios, we will do our best to add more sessions if you find that you need more. However, the musicians in Prague are excellent and most projects finish ahead of time.

How can I be sure to get the best musicians?
The Czech Film Orchestra prides itself on being able to get the absolute best musicians in the Czech Republic. We can do this mostly because we keep our commission the lowest in town. We also pay the players more than other companies in town. We are not the cheapest booking company in Prague, however, we are the best, and our prices are a fifth of London and Los Angeles, so you will still be saving an amazing amount of money.

What is the cancellation or change policy?
You can change the dates of the recording, or reduce number of sessions up to 14 days before the record, with no penalty*. If it is less that 14 days before the session and you find you need to cancel or change one or more sessions you will be charged a small penalty.

*The Rudolfinum is a very busy concert hall which has its own cancellation policy. Please contact us for more details.

What about mixing my session?
The studios we use have an excellent mixing rate. If you are interested in mixing your project in Prague, we can set this up for you. Most clients just want to record in Pro-Tools and mix at home. We can give you the audio data in a wide variety of formats.

I have never been to Prague before. How do I get there, where do I stay?
We have an excellent travel agent who will be able to find you flights and hotel rooms anywhere in the Prague area: www.travelcook.com Also, we can help you arrange a car service to and from the recording sessions.

How does payment work?
50% is due upon agreeing to book the sessions. The remaining 50% is due at the time of the last session.

I have never done an orchestral session before. Is there anyone to help me?
First off, definitely don't worry. Hearing your music played by a live orchestra is one of the most thrilling experiences in life. Our engineers and musicians are very experienced and the results are always fantastic. Feel free to contact us anytime to ask any questions that may arise. Also, we can provide you with an experience producer who can "run" the sessions for you. Basically, it is up to you..!

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